Day four – Angkor Wat

Cambodia is awesome. People are friendly, the town is quite small and quiet compared to Ho Chi Minh City (not hard to do that 😉 and the whole place is a balance between a focus on restoring Cambodian culture and entertaining western tourists, some of whom are evidently bogans.

We did a day trip with a guide, through Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, and Bayan temple. The guide was excellent, and very knowledgeable. The temples were amazing to see and experience. The hordes of tourists were OK except for at Bayan temple where they got a bit much.

It’s interesting how civilisations layer on top of each other, as can be seen all round the world. Including here where formerly Hindu temples are now Buddhist temples. It’s also interesting how the Cambodian people deal with the after effects of Pol Pot’s reign. It’s not widely spoken about (at least in my experience so far) but the general understanding of what needs to be done to rebuild is there, especially a value placed on education.

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