As CTO for Domain Group, I was responsible for the delivery and technical quality of a portfolio of digital SaaS and media products and supporting enterprise systems. As evidence of my leadership and thinking styles, I catalysed the creation of Domain’s (and Fairfax’s) first-ever iOS app, I led the technical aspects of Domain’s separation from Fairfax and subsequent float on the ASX, and more recently I created their first consumer-facing Machine-Learning Products team. I am probably best-known at Domain for having been a vocal champion of innovation across the organisation, organising and hosting many “Innovation Days” (hackathons) that garnered cross-company participation. Under our leadership team revenues grew from ~ $200m to ~$350m in the four financial years I was with the business.

Prior to domain, I worked as the General Manager of Product Solutions across Fairfax Media, where I focused on significant projects to centralise technology and deliver innovative projects, and deepen expertise within
the teams. Whilst I gained significant experience in successful transformation projects, my passion continues to be in the creation of new value. I also led the team that delivered digital subscriptions to the SMH and the Age – creating what went on to exceed 40% of digital revenues.

You can find me on LinkedIn here.