As CTO for Domain Group, I am responsible for the delivery and technical quality of our portfolio of digital products and supporting enterprise systems. I continue to be a vocal champion of lean innovation as a cultural value to be lived every day. I catalysed the creation of Domain’s (and Fairfax’s) first iOS app back in the day, I led the technical aspects of Domain’s separation from Fairfax and subsequent float on the ASX, and more recently I created our first consumer-facing ML Products team.

Prior to domain, I worked as the General Manager of Product Solutions across Fairfax Media. This was both an operational and strategic role, with focus on significant projects to centralise the technology teams, consolidate enterprise publishing systems, deliver innovative projects and deepen expertise within the Product and Digital Technology teams. Whilst I gained significant experience in successful transformation projects, my passion continues to be in the creation of new value. I also led the team that delivered digital subscriptions to the SMH and the Age – creating what went on to exceed 40% of digital revenues.

You can find me on LinkedIn here.