Day Five – Siem Reap

I managed to get a cold, and spent the day trying to not be sick. We went to an artisans factory where they train impoverished people up in artisanal skills and then give them a share in the factory. It’s inspiring to see all the initiatives going on in Cambodia to restore the economy

We then went off in search of an ice creamery that is featured in the Lonely Planet, and famed for all natural ingredients and the best coffee in Siem Reap. It did not disappoint. Turns out that the street the place was on should be the first stop anyone makes in Siem Reap – not the last, like we did. We also encountered a man with no arms, who was a landmine victim there. Another lesson in how wrong shit can go.

After lengthy delays and a two hour flight we arrived in Hanoi, tired and ready to sleep. And me basically being a human snot factory.

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