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Boat in Botany Bay

This very industrial looking boat has been hanging around Kurnell for a while now.  It makes an interesting subject against the backdrop of an immaculate summer sunset.

Seagulls and Sunsets

There’s something about seagulls flying against the sunset, the silhouetted form of a free-flying creature.  It tugs at my soul and makes me just a wee bit jealous of the birds for their simpler, more free life.

Smoke swirls

We were shooting smoke, with a setup involving a speedlite flash on a remote trigger, with a snoot on it, and a black board.  Side-lit by the flash, and the camera was handheld.  colour is applied in a layer in photoshop, blending set to overlay and opacity around 80% or so.  My son’s idea to do the smoke, and a friend once told me how he’d done similar stuff with incense and photoshop.

Agapanthus in Macro

Shot with my new super awesome lens of amazingness.  I have a new 70-200 f2.8 and was testing it out with a 1:2 adapter.  This is a flower on an agapanthus in my garden.  Superb stabilisation, depth and clarity.  Absolutely love the lens.

The Boat Ramp

There’s a beautiful little spot in Malabar on Bay Parade, right near a bus stop where oblivious people scuttle around.  They seem to not notice how beautiful it is, although occasionally I see someone look up and appreciate, and I know this because they whip out their phones to snap a pic.  This photo is from a spot down the bottom of the stairs looking out to sea from the beach side.  One of my favourite photos of the year

Modern Silhoutettes

Another sunset pic.  These people were taking photos and posing, with the sunset and airport in the background.  I love this shot, I think they made the best shot for me, better than what she would’ve got on her phone 😉

Sunset at Botany Bay

I love sunset oranges.  Back at university the other people in the photo club used to laugh at my fascination with the oranges.  Years later not much has changed, I still love it.  This ship was sailing in to Botany and was in right place at the right time to make me happy 🙂


We went down to La Perouse to get photos of the sunset – it’s a great spot for sunset skies when the colds are just right.  They weren’t – but there were two kids flying their kites.  They looked fantastic in the summer skies.

There’s a moon over Bourbon Street

There’s a moon over Bourbon Street tonight.
I see faces as they pass beneath the pale lamplight.
I’ve no choice but to follow that call,
The bright lights, the people, and the moon and all.
I pray everyday to be strong,
For I know what I do must be wrong.
Oh you’ll never see my shade or hear the sound of my feet
While there’s a moon over Bourbon Street

~ Sting (Moon over Bourbon Street)